About Sylvia’s House & What We Do

My home has been open to abandoned, hurt and abused children since 1998. Our family oriented home is based in Gordon’s Bay. We function as an established family unit, built on trust and glued together with love and good communication, we practice faith in all that is good and kind and we educate, uplift and inspire growth and development within each other.

Everybody needs a mom. Everybody needs a soft place to fall, a solid education and a firm foundation to rely on.

Presently we are a vibrant and explosive family of 11, brought together by life’s circumstances, but held together by choice, love and lots of understanding. The family members here right now have been together for many years, some came here after being abandoned at birth and some came here as little children after being removed from unhealthy situations.

We also have ‘extended’ family that do not live under our roof due to space and welfare constraints, but we support them as mentors and we assist with their education fees and monitor their wellbeing.

We focus heavily on a good foundation of moral and spiritual growth and healing. A good education is paramount.

We rely heavily on the ongoing support of our community and friends.

Garage gym:

We are busy making a gym for the children to workout in to stay fit and release frustrations. We need the following:

Floor covering that can be washed and have a car parked on it at night.

Gym mats that can be wiped off and kept hygienically clean


Home gym

Resistance bands

Boxing gloves and mitts

Battle ropes




We need ongoing funding for the skills school fees and the mainstream schooling as well as for the homeschooling needs.


Driving lessons cost the earth! We have three children that need to get their driver’s licences asap to improve their chances at finding employement.



We have ongoing maintenance needs because it is an old house. Presently I am trying to raise enough funds to get water recycling tanks fitted. We do huge amounts of laundry and need to re- use the laundry water.


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